Offshore DEVELOPMENT center | Hire a Virtual Developer

An offshore development committed center with DesignDecide, can be established in Pakistan at a very low cost. Experts enlisted in our company can assist you in various phases such as company registration, Human Resource management or hiring professionals, setting up broad security protocols etc. The ultimate end product is bound to cut short time, needless expenses and risks of establishing an ODC in Pakistan.

The alternate is, hiring an offshore development team with our aid as per your specifications according to monthly offshore back office contract hiring basis. That way you have the opportunity to save up to 60% of the costs incurred when it comes to traditional professionals. The developers enlisted by us are working on Monthly Contract Hiring basis for our clientele all around the globe.

Cost Per Web Developer

Starting price $950 US/month

Time: 8 Hours per day, 5 Days in a Week- Starting from Monday to Friday.

Saturday, Sunday and National/Regional Holidays as celebrated In Pakistan

Following are the things that you might stand to gain by hiring a professional from DesignDecide 

1) Committed individual working solely for your cause: 
Professionals motivated with the mantra for serving the clients are placed at your service, per your convenience. 

2) How do you want to work with; you chose: 
Our team has the right blend of technical expertise and knowledge. So you have the opportunity to choose from our vast pool of professionals.

3) No hidden costs: 
You can take advantage of our unique Hire a Developer service simply by purely inexpensive means. No hidden or extra costs will be charged. By following this suit you can save up to 60% as compared to traditional onsite manpower recruiting.

4) Flexible Working Schedule: 
We work in different shifts in accordance with our offshore development clientele. 

5) Stay in contact: 
You can remain connected with the team; you picked at your designated working hours and receive periodic updates from the web developer. Contact can be established through email, Skype and with the help of numerous other instant messengers.

6) Reliability: 
At DesignDecide, our vision is customer satisfaction and carving up a brand name in the competitive global offshore IT staffing market. If you trust us, you are trusting on the dictum of no compromise on quality.

7) Totally Different To A Project Basis Work Model: 
We simply appoint our work force including programmers, software engineers and developers, purely to work with you. This is different than a project basis work model because of the fact that often project provisions are modified during the completion; therefore, your deadlines will not be our responsibility.

Our employees, experts are at your disposal for the requisite number of hours. It is your responsibility to supervise your hired professional's progress, since we do not provide project management and only deal with primary professional over watch. Your committed developer offers the same service as you are liable to acquire from an in-house staff, but are situated and operational in Pakistan, from our Offshore development Center (ODC).

8) Authentication of Source Code: 
Source code and all of its rights will be owned by you. 

9) Intermediary selling rights: 
The right to resell the codes, application and work done to an intermediary or a 3rd party are owned by you.

Our Programmers have an average experience of more than two years in their relevant fields. If the need be, the resumes of our professionals can be provided to you.

The developers have experience mostly related to fields as diverse as Social Networking, Ecommerce Shopping Cart, Web Application Development, Open source development, LAMP, Smarty, Mambo, Joomla, OsCommerce sites, X Cart Solution, B2B & B2C Portal Development & Custom Software Development.

Therefore, our personal guarantees in the Hire A Web Developer program are as follows: 

- Working hours of at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 
- An ideal development environment. 
- On-time, scheduled communication. 
- Reporting as per your demand, weekly or daily. 
- Convenient coding style. 
- Regulated service delivery mechanism. 
- Software and hardware structuralism. 
- Internet connection with high bandwidth. 
- Rapid communication through E-mail and IM. 
- Client feedback as a primary necessity. 

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