Online Reputation Management Services

Damaged Reputation
Any business seeking to maximize public exposure. And this overexposure results in any stain on our reputation online. On the one hand, some companies have web positioning and technical controversy.

The first is to identify sites that contain the terms unfavorable to our brand, and simultaneously identify keywords that make these places go first or ranked in the SERPs. That is, a site can go to certain search on page ten, but before another can go out in the top ten. Then, we must identify those searches that make these unfavorable comments go first.

What we do then is to measure the online authority that this site or sites have. An inscription on an unknown posted is much easier to neutralize a campaign that includes multiple entries in high Pagerank sites. Also, we must also take note of how social networks are mentioned brand in the negative. Given this list, we know what we’re dealing with.


These days the internet is omnipresent and as a result, it radically changed the business landscape. Today an engaging and updated website is necessary for business success. Back then, websites are static and only serve as a brochure where people only scan and check for offerings but today, if consumers happen to come across an outdated website, chances are they would close that tab to go find a more engaging site to avail services.

Aside from that, customers are no longer passive. If they find that your services are dissatisfying, chances are they’d tweet about it or post negative reviews online for the entire world to see. These are very detrimental to any business small or large. No one wants to avail the products or services of a business that has bad reputation.

So what can we do about this?

Put online reputation at the center of your business!

When you say online reputation it is simply how customers see your business online. Your website, your social media accounts, your customer reviews; all of these plays a vital role in managing your reputation online.

Tips to Manage your Online Reputation

  1. Create your Website – Creating a website is a must for any business. Make sure to highlight your services and offerings clearly. It is also important put out your business’ contact info as well as directions to your establishment to make you accessible to your customers.
  2. Set up your Social Media Accounts – Many business owners don’t realize the positive impact social media can bring to their business. It is a great marketing tool and it is free! It is a good way to bring your brand in front of billions of people and a lot of them could be your next client.
  3. Update – Setting up a website is not enough as you need to create content for your customers to read while they are browsing. Try to post a blog once a week to show your readers as well as other professionals in your field that you are an expert in your industry. The blog posts that you make should be focused on helping your current or potential customers in some way.

How to deal with Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can’t be avoided when running a business. You can never please everyone and some of them are keen to get their thoughts online. The internet can be quite vicious. Someone in your personal or professional life who wants to do damage to you can post their thoughts online putting your company’s name and reputation at stake. What do you do when this happens?

  1. Respond Quickly and Politely – In case of a complaint from a customer, a prompt “We are aware of the problem. We are working on it and will get back to you as soon as possible” is better than a late reply with information.
  2. Address Criticism – Never ignore negative comments hoping that it will somehow disappear because it won’t. People who read these comments will wait for your response regarding the matter and if there’s no explanation from your side then they would assume all those bad reviews were right. Address these criticisms as soon as you can.
  3. Understand them – Bad reviews are a way for you to learn more about your audience. Understand what their sentiments are and try to evaluate if their complaints are legitimate. Maybe there really is something wrong with your service. You can treat these criticisms as a way to improve your business in the future.
  4. Deal with Illegitimate Attackers – Everyone has a right to express their opinions but if what they say is false? Then defend your reputation at all costs. Don’t let them destroy something you worked so hard in building. Sometimes, if you don’t do something to defend your business, they might do it again until your online reputation is completely destroyed.